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No results from the men last Saturday because the Monthly Medal was washed out.
This event will be held Saturday 20th.
Trevor Bennett has kindly agreed to defer his event which was scheduled for Saturday and the new date will be advised shortly.
The Vets' shotgun start from this Tuesday was also washed out and will be played on Thursday 18th.
The postponed AGM will be held next Tuesday 23rd.

Iluka ladies Golf Results
Wednesday 10th October 2018.
Wednesday 10th October was the annual Captain's team versus President's team, played as a Single Stableford.  

Captain Pat Munro took great delight in accepting the win 337 to 308 this year.  

The ladies were happy to find the greens smoother than last week and appreciated the mowing done in the professional style of stripes (didn't make the putts fall for everyone though). 

Winner  Div  1  Lynn Robertson  40    Div 2 Jan Biddle   37

Runner up Div 1  Laurice Poore  38,   Div 2 Kate Brims   35

Nearest the Pin    2nd shot  1/10  0 - 30  Anne Lockyer
                             2nd shot  8/17  0 - 30  Sandi Mayoh
                             2nd shot 6/15   31 - 45    Chris Cavallo
                             4th shot  5/14   31 - 45    Kate Brims

Ball Run Down to 32   Pam Ravet,Trish Freeman, Merrilyn Whitton, Ann Dean  Colleen Hartcher and Anne Lockyer.

Dallas Encouragement    Gwen Finlayson

Raffle    Gwen Finlayson

The game for 24th October will be a Single Stableford sponsored by Elaine Gallen.

Following the presentation, the ladies held their Annual General Meeting and President Anne congratulated and thanked the retiring committee and welcomed the new committee as follows:

President   Ann Dean    
Vice President   Rhonda Frazer
Captain  Merrilyn Whitton      
Vice Captain  Faye McClymont
Secretary  Gayle Armour
Treasurer   Lorraine Whitehouse
Committee   Sally Christoe,  Tricia Freeman, Kate Brims

We wish them a successful and happy year of golfing.
Pat Shepherd

If You thought the rugby league State of Origin produced a close result, you should have taken a look at the State of Origin event at the Iluka Golf Club on Saturday.

Only 0.7 of a shot separated the team averages – the Queensland Cane Toads coming out on top of the NSW Cockroaches 33.7 to 33.0.

In the individual event Patricia Freeman led home the ladies with 34 points from runner up Colleen Hartcher on 32 whose countback put her ahead of Val George.

A similar situation eventuated in the men’s division when Neil Grady accumulated 41 points to head Paul Mitchell on 40   with Jim Lowe coming off second best on a countback, also on 40.

In the non-handicap division it was Robert Connolly who came out on top with 38 points.

The Bradmans trophy for the Queenslanders went to Jim Wride and for the Cockroaches to Jon McEwen who made a welcome return to the course.

The men’s nearest the pins were won by Dwain Sullivan on 6/15 and Jim Pritchard on 8/17 with no players hitting the green on 1/10.

It would be best not to ask Jim Pritchard how he won his trophy on 8/17 – it is a story longer and more exciting than War and Peace.

Val George added to her spoils by winning two NTPs on 1/10 and 6/15 with Colleen Hartcher winning on 8/17.

Balls were won by Jim Kentwell 39, Garry Freeman 39, Graeme Lockyer 38, Bob Oddy 37, Dwain Sullivan 37, Sam McDonald 37, Stephen Bond 37, Brian Kembrey 36, Peter McCurtayne 35, Peter Gleeson 34, Maurie Watt 34 and Brian Kay 34.

Today the Ladies are playing their annual Captain’s V President’s teams event.

On Saturday the men will be playing the October Monthly Medal stroke event for the trophies donated by Iluka Quality Meats, Col Kempshall and the Anchorage Holiday Park.

The Casino mixed visit which was set down for Sunday has been put back to Sunday 4 November at the request of Casino.

We were already playing a mixed 4BBB Stableford on that day.

Iluka Ladies Golf Results 
Wednesday 3rd October 2018.

Only a small field today due to 'Grandma holiday duties' and travelling, but those who played had some interesting putts with the newly cored greens.  
With a little rain and more mowing we will all be putting like champs !  
Back in the Clubhouse we all enjoyed some birthday cake provided by the birthday girl herself.
We played a  Ladies Single Stroke, Putting and 8th Monthly Medal with the Best Overall Net sponsored by Advantage Pharmacy Iluka for which we thank them once again.
Overall Best net    Kate Brims  69
Winners & Medal   0 - 30  Chris Kembrey  72 C/b,  31 - 45 Kate Brims  69
Runners Up   0 - 30   Sally Christoe  72 C/b,  31 - 45  Ann Dean  72
Additional Medal Winners   Sally Christoe, Rhonda Frazer.
Putting               0 - 30  Sally Christoe  29,   31 - 45  Colleen Hartcher  31
Nearest the Pin    2nd shot  8/17  31 - 45  Val Loeffler,      
                             2nd Shot  1/10  31 - 45  Val Loeffler
                             2nd shot 6/15  0 - 30  Sally Christoe (in the hole)
                             3rd shot  5/14  0 - 30   Chris Kembrey
Ball Rundown to 77  Merrilyn Whitton, Gwen Finlayson, Trish Freeman, Val Loeffler, Colleen Hartcher. 
Dallas Encouragement   Jan Ellery
Raffle   Val Loeffler
The game for the 17th October will be Ladies Single Stableford sponsored by Elaine Gallen.

The fact that the greens had been cored, reno-thinned, fertilised and top dressed didn’t deter Iluka golfers and visitors from taking to the course on Saturday.

The morning players got the best of the weather with players with later tee times copped a wet behind and quite a few withdrew to the clubhouse.

Scores were generally good, considering the conditions and you needed 40plus to win one of the Gordon Farrell and Geoff Cowen trophies.

In Division 1 Sam McDonald was King Pin with 41 points from Mt Tamborine visitor Grahame Kent a single point away on 40.

In Division 2 Barry George streeted the field with his 43 points, four points clear of Woodburn Evans Head visitor Phillip Mitchell on 39.

Peter McCurtayne did his usual trick and won two nearest the pins on 1/10 and 6/15, Phillip Mitchell won 8/17 and Sandi Mayoh was best of the ladies with her second shot on 1/10.

Ball winners were John Williams with 38 points, Graeme Phelps (Maclean) 38, Jack Palaszczuk 38, Brian Kay 37, Paul Munn 37, Ligourie Kent (Mt Tamborine) 37, Paul Maclean 37, Neil Grady 36, Bob Oddy 36 and Peter McCurtayne 35.
The Bradmans was won by Graeme Lynn on a countback.

Other visitors were Garry Spinks (Parkwood), Stephen Powell (Woodburn Evans Head), Shirley Shelton (Trentham) and Michael Loy (Coffs Harbour).

Today (Wednesday) the ladies are playing their 8 Medal R and on Saturday and Sunday we have one of our feature events of the year – the State of Origin clash between the Queensland Cane Toads and the NSW Cockroaches.
Trophies have been organised by Garry and Trish Freeman for the Cockroaches and Jack Urquhart for the Cane Toads.

Saturday’s event is a medley single stableford with a non-handicappers division, and on Sunday we play a medley four person Ambrose with a 10am shotgun start.

Saturday’s event is on the computer and there is a starting sheet for Sunday.

Iluka Ladies Golf Results. 
Wednesday 26th September 2018.

How lucky were we on Wednesday 26th September when black clouds threatened all day in between patches of clear blue sky, the last group of ladies were packing clubs in to cars when the storm arrived.  
The game, a Ladies Single Stableford produced some good scores with everyone vying for the enticing fruit and vegetable packages generously sponsored by Claire Hurley and packed by Trudie at Fresh Approach.

Winner  Div 1    Debbie Ashcroft  37,    Div 2   Lorrraine Whitehouse  37
Runner up    Div 1  Chris Kembrey 34,    Div 2  Kate Brims  35
Nearest the Pin    2nd shot  1/10   0 - 30   Sandi Mayoh
                              2nd shot  8/17   0 - 30   Debbie Ashcroft
                              2nd shot  6/15   31 - 45  Lorraine Whitehouse (In the Hole)
                              5th shot   4/13   31 - 45   Jan Biddle
Ball Run Down to 33.     Trish Freeman,  Merrilyn Whitton, Shirley Shelton, Laurice Poore, Sally Christoe, Pam Ravet, Ann Dean.
Dallas Encouragement  Colleen Hartcher
Raffle    Chris Kembrey
On Wednesday 10th October we will be playing the Captain versus President Single Stableford, which will be sponsored by our Captain and President and we hope all those not on Grandparent Duties for the holidays,will be there. 
Pat Shepherd.

Tom And Regina, principals of Bodyrock Fitness at Iluka will have  a couple of new participants as a result of their sponsorship of Saturday’s stroke event at Iluka.
Whether it will be the winners on the day or the recipients of gift vouchers remains to be seen.
Scores were excellent and it was the morning players who dominated the results.
Overall winner was John Caldwell with a great 63 net but he didn’t run away from the field because Danny Mortison was only one shot behind on 64 net.
Ball winners were Peter Gleeson 65 net, Brian Kay 66, Scott Davis 67, Gordon Farrell and Jack Urquhart 67,  John Williams 68 and Noel Chambers 70 on a countback.
Nearest the pin winners were Scott Davis on 1/10, Jeff Hackett (Grafton)  on 6/15, Jim Wride on 8/17 and for the ladies Shirley Shelton (Trentham) 2 shot on 1/10.
The ladies are playing a single stableford today, for trophies donated by Clare Hurley.
Tomorrow (Thursday) the greens will be renovated and volunteers are welcome to assist from around 9am.
On Friday night the members’ badge draw has again jackpotted to $250.

Saturday’s event is a single stableford for trophies donated by Gordon Farrell and Geoff Cowen, and on the holiday Monday there is a medley 4 person ambrose.

Iluka Ladies Golf results 
Wednesday 19th September 2018.
The ladies turned out on Wednesday 19th September to play a game not popular with everyone, but some good scores showed that it is not a difficult game.
Our long time sponsor and ex-player Jean Dengate puts this favourite event of hers on each year and came out to present the prizes. 
The strong wind didn't help, and some of us landed in places not explored for some time,
Winner   Division 1    Debbie Ashcroft +2,   Division 2   Gwen Finlayson  +5
Runner Up  Division 1   Sally Christoe   square   
Runner Up Division 2   Colleen Hartcher  +4
Nearest the Pins   2nd shot  1/10  31 - 45   Chris Cavallo
                              2nd shot  8/17   31 - 45   Chris Cavallo
                              2nd shot  6/15  0 - 30      Sandi Mayoh
                              4th shot  4/13   0 - 30       Laurice Poore
Ball rundown   Chris Cavallo  +3,  Ann Dean +1,  Janice Biddle  square, Sandi Mayoh -1, Rhonda Frazer -1, Laurice Poore -1
Dallas Encouragement  Bette Bell   Lorraine Whitehouse
Raffle Gordon Farrell
The ladies said farewell to our long time Greenkeeper Gordon and wished him well in his retirement.
We all appreciate the hours he has invested in our golf course to make it one of the better courses in the area.
The game on Wednesday 26th will be a Ladies Single Stableford.

Pat Shepherd.

The Vets played for the Norm Sullings and Max Bass Memorial trophy on Tuesday 22 and trophies provided by Col Kempshall.
The winner was Paul Mitchell with 41 points from Noel Chambers on 41.
Ball winners were Jack Urquhart 40 points, Jeoff Turner 39, John Caldwell 38, Jim Lowe 37, Jim Kentwell 37, Bob Buzzell 36, Roy Ellery 36 and Bob McFadden 36 on a countback.
Nearest the Pins were won by Jim Lowe on 1/10, Danny Mortison on 6/15 and Jack Urquhart on 8/17.

Saturday 15 September  John and Di Spiers provided the trophies for the 18 hole stableford event.
In division 1 the winner was Bob Oddy whose 42 points was a countback winner from Paul Mitchell.
In Division 2 it was Neil Grady who got the nod on 42 points, again on a countback from Peter Gleeson.
Ball winners were Peter McCurtayne, Sam McDonald, John Williams, Geoff Cowen, Danny Mortison, Graeme Lockyer, Jim Lowe, Maurie Watt, John Caldwell and Barry George.
The Bradmans award went to Geoff Prentice on 26 points.
Nearest the pin winners were visitor Alan Smith on 1/10, Bob Wissink on 6/15 and Neil Grady on 8/15.
We’ll have a report on the Tooheys Challenge at Maclean when the players sober up!
Next Saturday we play a stroke event for trophies sponsored by Bodyrock Fitness at Iluka.

On Sunday, the Tri-Club Challenge medley is set down for Coraki.

To Win the Peter McCurtayne and Jim Pritchard trophies, players needed 44 points in both divisions of the Stableford event played on Saturday.

Early players had to endure a fairly severe electrical storm which saw them recalled to the clubhouse for about 30 minutes until the danger passed.

In division 1 for handicaps 0 to 18 Jim Cazalet led home the field with Maurie Watt the runner up on 40 points and in division 2 (handicaps 19 to 36) it was Geoff Cowen who returned the 44 points ahead of Peter Gleeson on 40.

The ball winners were Jim Hurley 39, Paul Mitchell 38, Jim Wride 37, Jack Urquhart 37, Brian Kay 36, Graeme Lynn 36, Gary Parish (Coraki) 36, Jim Lowe 35, Bob Wissink 35 and Geoff Prentice 35 on a countback.

Nearest the pin winners were Danny Mortison on 1/10, Jim Cazalet on 8/17 and Neil Stevenson (Port Macquarie) on 8/17.

Frank Poore was the Bradman Trophy winner.

Wednesday 12th the ladies are playing a single stableford for the Funky Floral Designs trophy and next week play a single stableford sponsored by Jean Dengate.

The $1,600 members’ draw jackpot was won on Friday night by Robert Page and this week reverts to $50 for the start of a new series.

Next Saturday (15 September) the competition is a medley stableford in two divisions sponsored by John and Di Spiers while members travel to Maclean on Sunday for a round of the Tooheys Shield.

Next Tuesday (18) the Vets play a single stableford in the Norm Sullings and Max Bass Memorial event with trophies sponsored by Col Kempshall.  

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